Lockdown to Smart Analytics

When you need more than just a Security system....

From lockdown, panic alarms, man down systems through to retail analytics with count systems and to full facial recongnition systems, Rhino Fire & Security will tailor make a system to suit you, your staff and your business.


Integration of lockdown, panic and man down alarms to your security and CCTV system not only provides notifcation of the incident (from alarms, warnings to direct communication to those who need to know), it essential in gathering and providing information from multiple sources on what is happening right now and how to deal with it. This can prevent people from being put unintentially in harms way, enable offsite video viewing to others, enabling those onsite to take care of what is happening right now and control the situation. All achievable by using well designed integration between systems. 

People Counting/Occupancy

Counting people entering your store or mall, providing daily counts through to providing full detailed reporting broken down to individual entry points in 5 minutes intervals.

Rhino Fire & Security can also provide an occupancy alert system, providing automated counting on people entering and exiting, with alerts should the internal occupancy reach and/or exceed a preset level. This will provide an autonomous system, alleviating the need for staff to provide manual counting. 

Retail Analytics

Retail analytics can provide valuable detailed information of traffic flow in to your site or store, where they go to (the best places in your store to display goods), down to where on which shelf the customer gravitates to. This enables the store to maximise their layout, placement of key goods and create cost effective efficiencies based on real data.

CCTV and security is enhanced and improved with the integration of analytic systems, with the most discussed and well known beng facial recongnition. As these systems are design specific, tailored to suit individual requirements, please contact Glynn at Rhino Fire & Security to discuss in more detail.

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