How do I...

Can't quite remember how to download some footage or how to seach for something quickly? Just click on the links below to go straight to an easy 'How to' easy as that!

NX Witness

Exporting a bookmark. I've bookmarked some footage, how do I export it? Watch how to do this...right here: Exporting a bookmark 

Exporting Footage with extras. I want to add a timestamp and some text on the footage I want to export. No problem, I'll show you how: Enhanced Exporting

How do I create a layout? You click here: Layout Creating

Sharing a layout. I need to give Bill the same layout as I've got. Can do, just share it. Quick and easy: Instant Sharing

How do I see whats going on in fog? Use a Thermal camera! How good are they? Watch this short video and I'll show you: Fog


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