Fire Systems

Fire Alarm Systems

When fire breaks out, every second counts. That’s why we supply NZ 4512 compliant and FPIS certified fire alarm systems. So you can be confident our fire alarm systems meet the recommended standards.

Our fire alarm and detection solutions include:

  • Analogue addressable systems that identify which device went off so emergency services can pinpoint the exact location of the fire.
  • Conventional systems that tells you the general area within your building / site where the alarm went off so emergency services can quickly locate the area of the alarm.
  • IQP services – individually qualified and certified people specialising in fire safety.
  • A full range of fire extinguishers.

Protecting your staff, premises and property against fire is an absolute necessity. So don’t take unnecessary risks when installing a fire alarm and detection system is as easy as contacting Rhino Fire and Security today.

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